Minimal Access Surgeries, more often known as Keyhole Surgeries are surgeries performed using long, thin instruments inserted into the body through small incisions rather than the traditional long incision used in open surgery thus leading to much less scarring, both internally and externally, and better cosmetic results.

LIMA – Our Institute of Minimal Access is an initiative of Dr. J.S Rajkumar who is well known as a perceptive healthcare leader with a proven track record in performing keyhole surgeries. By means of LIMA, he has been experimental in building strong and capable teams with advanced keyhole surgery skills.



 Laparoscopy and Surgical Endoscopy for Rectal and Anal Diseases – the most modern healthcare solution to immediately help you overcome your difficulties and put the worst behind you, quite literally. Scar less and pain-free, it’s time to look forward to better things. Whether it is piles, fistula or fissures, LASERAD is the best and latest solution.

Specialties under LASERAD

  • Specialties under LASERAD
  • Piles (Haemorrhoids)
  • Constipation
  • Hernia
  • Varicose veins
  • Anal Fistula
  • Circumcision
  • Fissure
  • Fetal Incontinence
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Obstetric Fistula
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Pilonidal Sinus
  • Rectal Abcess
  • Rectal Prolap


An initiative that caters exclusively to breast cancer and endocrine-related problems in women. One of the main components of BETI is the iBreast Exam – a painless, radiation-free screening process that uses an innovative, portable device. This is a unique exam that enables early detection of breast lumps, thus helping to diagnose and treat breast cancer at the earliest.

BETI- Breast & Endocrine related Therapy Institute- is a one stop shop for all the breast and endocrine related disorders that affect women. Breast & thyroid disorders are among the commonest diseases causing high morbidity & mortality. Sadly, specialized treatment centers for these problems are scarce in India.

SPC- Stomach Pain Clinic

Changes in the social environment such as rapid urbanization and grueling work culture are causing new medical problems. At the center of this program, is the absolute need to increase the capability to build knowledge among the general practitioners and provide access to the latest medical information. This will help enable quick and accurate diagnosis and give the doctors access to the latest medical information thereby greatly improving patient outcomes.


We believe that every health condition has its contributing factors that originate from one’s poor lifestyle choices, past illnesses or genetics. Which is why it is important to take a detailed health and lifestyle history of each of our patients, as the first step of the process.

As the next step, comprehensive lab investigations and tests are done, which will lead to a precise diagnosis. Finally, a personalized wellness plan is shared with the patient, which includes medical advice, diet counseling, exercise, and psychological well-being.


Meduce (Weight Management Clinic) offers a medical weight loss program tailored to your specific needs. We provide an array of services, from nutrition support to stress management and help with sleep issues to medications to endoscopic and surgical solutions. We address all the factors that may be blocking you from enjoying a full, healthy life.

Who is a candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Unlike other weight loss programs, medical weight loss is not self-directed and patients should not self-treat this disease. This will include experts from the fields of medicine, nutrition, psychology, sleep therapy, and many others. This type of holistic program leads to better outcomes in patients. Our medical weight loss program includes components tailored to your specific needs.

These may include:

  • MEDUCE CLC replacement products
  • Weight loss medications
  • Ongoing behavioral therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Personalized fitness advice
  • Nutritional supplements

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery involves the use of Robotic Surgical Systems to perform surgeries. Our experienced surgeons with expertise, specialists in the service to deliver unmatched care in the area.
The procedure can be carried out alongside minimally invasive methods or traditional surgery depending on the requirement. Opting for Robotic Surgery reduces the recovery time of patients; thus, shortening the hospital stay. It also reduces pain and discomfort. When combined with minimally invasive methods, Robotic Surgery lowers the levels of blood loss and leaves minimal scarring.

We offer healthcare services to patients all over the world.

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